Cubetape C190SHP Parcel Dimensioner Barcode Scanner Wireless Bluetooth Handheld Tape Measurer for Measuring Parcels, Packages, Boxes, Pallets

Cubetape Barcode Scanner in South Gate, CA

Parcel Dimensioner Barcode Scanner Wireless Bluetooth Handheld Tape Measurer for Measuring Parcels, Packages, Boxes, Pallets.

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Great for:

  • Shipping Stores, PostalMate, Shiprite
  • Home Office
  • Warehouses
  • Mailrooms
  • Universities
  • Shippers i.e. eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify

Scanning, Dimensioning and Data Capture Made Easy For Warehousing, Shipping and Revenue Protection

Did you know you don't need thousands of dollars worth of immovable, specialist equipment to calculate shipping costs?

Cubetape is accurate, pocket-sized, easy to use, and costs a fraction of traditional dimensioning tools.

Yes, we are disrupting the industry.

We didn't stop with making it easy to scan an item and dimensional data, we've ensured you can seamlessly integrate the data with your existing systems.

  • Cubetape is a portable, automatic volumetric weight calculator. It helps you capture accurate volumetric weight measurements of parcels and pallets in seconds!
  • Capturing this information at the beginning of a parcel's lifecycle eliminates problems with transactions and collections down the line.
  • With its "hand-held" size, capabilities, and low cost, Cubetape is fast becoming the preferred choice for accurate dimensional weight (volumetric weight) calculations that can be verified by customers, thus preventing disputes and back-charges.

Everyday you grab a tape measure to enter dimensions for parcels.  It's a tedious process and certainly not "high tech".  Cubetape, the barcode scanner that measures. Measure a dimension, press the button, and the length is automatically entered in to PostalMate, or whatever shipping software you may be using.  No need to Tab or hit "Enter". It is all automatic.  Think of the time savings and accuracy.  Oh, did we mention it also has a barcode scanner built-in.  Barcode scanner also works with PM Tools.  Allows batch processing of UPS RPDO parcels. Cubetape, is easily configurable to output measurement intervals of 0.5", 1" (rounds up to next or nearest inch).

Cubetape Shipper model includes:

  • Cubetape
  • Cradle and USB cable for Bluetooth connectivity and charging.
  • Protective cover
  • Installed Universal Barcodes on Tape (BoT) measuring cartridge
  • Replacement Universal BoT (installs without tools in two minutes)
  • Selectable measurement intervals: 0.25" 0.50", 1" round to next inch, round to nearest inch
  • Quick start guide

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